FREE Entry to the Transporta Showcase at Esplanade (U.P $4)

FREE Entry to the Transporta Showcase at Esplanade (U.P $4)

Valid until 24/02/2019Found Jan 31st
What is Transporta?
Extraordinary openings in space or time that connect travellers to different realms. Mystical gateways into the great unknown and the universe beyond.

These portals are unexpected, unpredictable and usually unplanned. Nothing and everything is logical or real. They stimulate your imagination, act on your fantasy and play on your dream.

Explore, experience and expose yourself to the mythical, mysterious and magical spaces within TRANSPORTA.

Enter the secret portal via your unique QR code. Registration is only available online. Tickets may be purchased at the event space at $4 per ticket.

*For a limited time only, the secret portal is exclusively opened for free, so register early to get first dibs!

(Admission is free for explorers under 12 years old and above 60 years old.)

Dates: 28 Jan- 24 Feb 2019
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 7.30PM-11PM | Fri-Sat: 7.30PM-12AM
Admission fee: Free
Location: The Incubator, Esplanade Park

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IG Story worthy visit to this place
@miyanx.g Yes this place can contribute to crazy story feed pics. Looking forward to visit it
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