Flamedeer Hunt 2018: Discussion and Trading Thread

Found Aug 1st


From 8th Aug until 18th Aug, find the flamedeer on the entire site, at all times of the day and night.

Once you find a Flamedeer, click to catch it and it will be automatically added to your collections. All deer have a specific gift associated with it; some can lead to instant wins while collective wins are valuable in packs of 3. You will have to collect white, silver and gold deer in order to qualify for the collective win.

The white Flamedeer is quite common, so expect to encounter many. The silver deer are more rare while the golden Flamedeer is your ticket to win!

The hunt is available on official Pelando apps (Update if you have not already) and web version too!

Make sure you join Pelando Facebook, twitter and telegram to be up-to-date for key hint giveaways on regular basis.

Pelando SG Telegram
Pelando SG Facebook

Trade your flamedeer with other members to complete your collection (white, silver & gold). You can find other members open to trading on this discussion thread.


  • You cannot trade Gold flamedeer. Once you collect one it is locked in.
  • Make sure you are quick to collect the flamedeer once you spot them as they might disappear soon on the site.
  • Once you collect all 3 deers (white, silver & gold) and win a prize you cannot be eligible to win any other prize.


5 x Grab Voucher! Collect all 3 Surfer Flamedeer to WIN!
1 x Xiaomi In-Ear Headphones! Catch a Hawaiian Flamedeer to WIN!
1 x Xiaomi 5A 16GB Mobile phone! Catch a Lifeguard Flamedeer to WIN!

5 x Grab Voucher! Catch a Diver Flamedeer to WIN!

Catch to Win
Community Updates
Sounds fun.. waiting to grab one
and yes... caught one white Flamedeer
I have a Silver surfer...willing to trade
I got one Lifeguard flamedeer and silver party now what?
I won a $5 Grab Voucher...Thanks a lot
@chi_lau You will have to collect white and gold lifeguard + party flamedeer to win
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